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In 2005, after working in sales and business development functions in-house, we started a business that generated high-value leads and put clients in front of decision makers in the firms they wanted to work with.

And we had some great stories of success; clients gained valuable relationships, attended lucrative meetings and handled opportunities that resulted in contracts, company valuations and acquisitions worth millions.

But there was a problem: there were many people that we couldn’t immediately help:

  • Some clients needed help in refining their proposition, offering, positioning and message
  • Some had little clarity on their audience
  • Others had a poor brand, weak websites, a lack of collateral - making it difficult to give potential clients confidence
  • Some hadn’t got the systems or staff in place to handle the leads we generated
  • Whilst others struggled to convert potential opportunities

Even with those clients for whom we were wildly successful, the value we delivered lasted as long as we worked with them, but we weren’t necessarily equipping them with the skills to continue to maintain that success thereafter...

So we took the insights gained and developed a business that could address the challenges we’d uncovered.

Today, we help our clients to perfect their sales blueprint - and to develop the systems, processes, knowledge, skills and confidence to better generate and leverage the opportunities than can shape their future.

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Management team

Jon Cunningham has been involved with business development for ~20 years.

He helps clients with strategy; looking at their audience, sales process, technology, positioning and messaging.

He has 15 years consulting experience backed up by extensive real-world BD and sales training experience.

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Justine Coombs knows about retaining clients - as well as gaining them - she has a background in customer service and operations management.

She helps clients with sales process development and optimisation as well as upskilling in-house teams on audience profiling, identification and validation.

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